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Be Here Right Now.


Presence is a high degree of comfort with oneself. It's the alignment of spirit, thoughts, words, and actions to create that ideal balance between whom you are as an individual while also enabling connection with those around you. It is a state of high awareness and attention to the current moment – a quality that allows us to be fully engaged in our businesses, our creative endeavors, and our lives.


Presence is a prerequisite for enhanced creative thinking and achieving peak performance. Once thought of as a rare quality processed only by a few, we now know that presence is a skill that can be cultivated. I help clients achieve greater presence with the following offerings:

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Mindfulness Coaching

As a mindfulness coach, I can show you how relaxed, focused attention can help you deal more effectively with your life situations and challenges. This awareness cultivates presence activates positive vibrations, soothes the mind, and promotes clarity – all foundations for meaningful action.

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Guided Breathwork

Taking time to slow down and breathe, has a positive impact on your central nervous system. For that reason, we can use our breath to recalibrate when we feel overwhelmed or stressed. Breathwork helps clients find focus, calm a busy mind, and energize the body. Intentional breathing also strengthens the mind-body connection, often allowing us to release trauma and suppressed emotions.

A blend of guided meditation, breathwork, and Yin Yoga, designed to assist you in achieving deep relaxation, releasing limiting ideas and beliefs, and tapping into your intuitive wisdom. With practice, clients become more resilient and learn to draw upon inner strength –skills they will utilize for a lifetime.

Deep Meditative and Somatic Coaching

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Guided Creative Exploration

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Guided Creative Exploration is an intensive, integrated approach to problem-solving using the principles of design thinking. It is a facilitated process for individuals or teams focused on a particular set of goals, issues, or objectives. It helps to break down the barriers to innovation and is great for annual planning, new product launches, or discovering ways to enhance customer experiences.

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